Session Trail

Wed 17.4.
19-21 Pre-festival session: Sisko ja Sen Veli, Raphaël Pinel, Sakke Seppälä and Saku Lahti

Thu 18.4.
17-19 Opening session: Sisko ja Sen Veli, Brendan Mulholland and Aaron O’Hagan
21-23 After-party: Pankki Bar (Yo-talo), Brendan Mulholland and Aaron O’Hagan

Fri 19.4.
16-18 After Work: Ohranjyvä, The Pink House Trio + Eugene Chernov
18-20 Ceili: Tuoppi: Mark Hennessey, Dáithí Ó’Braoináin and Markus Asunta
20-22 Pub song session: Ruby & Fellas, Session singers, Saku Lahti & Jari Sirniö

Sat 20.4.
Klo 13-15 Daytime session: Tullintori, Markus Asunta, Aaron O’Hagan & Luke Ward
Klo 15-17 Afternoon Tea Session: Pub Kujakolli, Salamankka
17-19 Early Evening Session : Oluthuone, Brendan Mulholland & Tempest
19-21 Pub Song Session: Pub Pikilinna, Session singers, Saku Lahti & Jari Sirniö
Klo 21-23 Saturday evening session: Prince Hamlet, Salamankka
23- Final Party: Teerenpeli, Keith O’Híobháird + the rest of the performers as they arrive

Sun 21.4.
11-13 Farewell Brunch: Tampere Hall, Tuhto, The Pink House & Markus Asunta

What is an session?

An Irish traditional music session is a casual gathering of musicians in a pub, café or other comfortable place to sit around a communal table and play traditional Irish music on folk instruments. There are no microphones or amplification, and the event is free of charge for customers. At the heart of the jam is a sense of community and sharing the joy of music. The atmosphere is spontaneous and anyone who can play some Irish tunes can join in. The session is not a gig, and you’re free to either witness the music or go on as usual.